Dead Zone 805  is a post apocalyptic zombie themed Halloween Haunt.  You will enter into Dr. Red Eyes territory along with his gang, the D.R.E (Dr. Red Eyes) gang. 

Scientist, Dr. Red Eyes is working on a cure for the zombie infection. At this point he has only developed a medicine to preserve  intelligence.  Although he  became infected with the zombie disease,  he used his own medicine to do just that.  

His D.R.E.  gang are humans that work for Dr. Red Eyes in hopes of curing their zombie infected loved ones who are held captive by Dr. Red Eyes.  They are on the prowl for humans that are not infected yet, to bring to Dr. Red Eyes for experimentation.   

As you enter this area, you must try to survive and escape from Dr. Red Eyes, his D.R.E. gang and ZOMBIES!  Try not to die or worse....

Nelson Cooper is a Ventura artist working out of his design studio, and creating original, remarkable pieces of artwork  Over the past four years he has been working on Dead Zone 805, Halloween Haunt.  His wife Kim Cooper and their 3 little zombie boys give a lot of inspiration and support.  They work as a family to bring a haunt unlike you will see anywhere else.  Everything from costumes and masks to set designs and props, are created by Nelson and his creative friends .  

Kim Cooper- Event Coordinator for Dead Zone 805

Nelson Cooper- Creator/Builder for Dead Zone 805